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The Open Music School is a free, knowledge-sharing community with a focus on the inclusion and empowerment of new migrants and people seeking a positive social network.


Why do we need the Open Music School?

Many less privileged newcomers to this city are very creative people and have a lot to offer, but music tuition is too expensive or social opportunities are not as accessible as they are for other people.

Why support the Open Music School?

All of our events are free and always will be. This is to ensure that they are accessible for everyone. We are a growing community that needs to pay rent for our project spaces and buy instruments to be able to continue helping people.

Please support our work with your donation!

Professional picture of Tom Young, Open Music School founder

Contact: Tom Young

Manager Open Music School


The OMS is one of Give Something Back To Berlin’s (GSBTB) internal projects. All organisational costs are payed for by GSBTB’s fundraising efforts and all of our wonderful teachers are willing volunteers. Any donation you give will go directly toward musical instruments and rental costs to create free, safe and supportive spaces for people to learn and connect with others.


We take transparency very seriously and will gladly supply you with records of your donation. If you wish, we can let you know exactly how your donation is spent. We are also happy to mention your organisation or business on our website and wherever else we can.

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